Wednesday, March 23, 2011

120-55 Queens Boulevard Criminal Court

Pomeroy. Anthropology

The Inspector Valdemar Pomeroy was a conscientious type. Do not get to direct the affairs brigade operational covachueleros ukulele playing and watching grass grow.

For two hours on four legs crossed the floor of the office, scanned and slipped drawers over cabinets, collecting hair, rusty paper clips, post it crumpled balls of fluff, and pencil shavings various other clerical activity remains that, with care, kept in plastic bags equipped with zip closure.

Now, sitting behind the desk, watched spellbound the skimming of a fly, suddenly exclaimed:

˗ Rosendo, falling all soplagaitas of ... what he said now called this business?

˗ Common Service Management Procedure ˗ said Rosendo agent faced boredom and making the gesture of shaking a cowbell.

The group of officials will ball up against a corner of the room like a rugby team ready to form a scrum, silent, glancing gesture of horror and the Secretary-Director of SCOP. This was and sprawled face down on the peach-colored carpet that covered the floor of the office part.

˗ Well! Pomeroy said the inspector ˗ glares ˗ the pen pushers who have been ready to find the deli?

The phalanx was caked civil service even further against the wall leaving no man's land manager Bermúdez.

˗ Begin giving tongue ˗ friend ordered the inspector.

˗ Well, look you, I prepared this morning to arrange an assessment record the old account and marking ad quem, when I attacked a doubt, "the assessment is done first and then staked or first and then staked apportionment? Or both simultaneously? Bermudez said ˗ cornet voice of command and continued ˗ so I came to the office to ask for advice to Mr. Secretary, the cornerstone of this service, was lying on the carpet, but it was a bit ...
˗ "It was ?, by telling ˗ was interrupted while Pomeroy hit a jump on the desk ˗ Do you know something I do not know? Are you sure that your questions did not relate to probate proceedings litisconsorcial stumbled tract?

˗ Man! Is that now I am seeing this body!, But at the time I assumed that he had entered a soporcillo and was taking a nap ˗ quickly answered ˗ statutory Trying not to make noise to disturb not see the example of " quick guide to cenutrios processing" stored in your desk drawer, under the cigar box, and solved my doubts of a procedural nature I prepared to return to my job.

˗ And you did not notice anything unusual?

˗ A principle no. But when I saw that did not react, kicking him after ten minutes the kidneys, and that part of their brains were hanging from the rack, I began to suspect that something was wrong ˗ Bermúdez concluded with a sigh.

˗ blunderbuss "And the next to the corpse?

˗ Ah, that ˗ responded with a surprise gesture of looking in the direction of the dead ˗ thought it was a saxophone.

The Inspector leaned back in his chair tilting seat back and crossing his feet on the desk, while lit a fat cigar and muttered between his teeth

˗ Rosendo, my boy, put the shackles on this Bandarra.

After hitting a good couple of puffs his cigar continued:

˗ Actually, this bird is not the manager Bermudez, called Peláez and processing authority. Bermúdez authentic fossilized appeared a couple of months in the tank pieces of evidence of a Court of Albacete, in a cardboard box with fake Nike socks. All began about five years ago, when Peláez and Bermudez agreed on the Provincial Court of Burgos, Pelaez back then was known as the Riveter and was involved in all scrubbed: traffic resources, prosecutors extortion, illegal gambling dens with provision of funds, fraudulent bankruptcies ... the entire catalog, go. What happened Riveter? With all that stuff in the new judicial office panicked you? ...

"He assumed that the expungement of the proceedings would reveal the cake ... so it was time for a change. It was a coincidence that poor Bermúdez, troubled by the pair of deer antlers centenarian who had placed their woman not long ago, participated in the last transfer selection. Peláez decided to take his place. The stabbing sent a staple of fat between the eyes and hid the body in a box of socks crappy surgery , somehow managed to get the Court refrain from taking the case to Albacete ... and beyond that was the case with the late Bermúdez socks gift. With what did not when he came to this office was that the deceased judicial secretary and Bermudez Palomeque know: both were fanatical followers of the saga the Wars and had agreed a lot of times these freaks conferences are organized ˗ interrupting his explanation pointed to a framed photograph hanging on a wall ˗ the guy on the right is Secretary Palomeque dress Obi Wan Kenobi and the manager left a costume Bermúdez Chewaka ...

"Palomeque Peláez decided to squeeze like a lemon rather than reveal the fraud, why they believe that the alleged Vds. Bermudez is the first to arrive at the office and last to leave? is not it amazing that no one moscoso enjoyed over the past year? who buys sheets of his own pocket when they are finished? citizens who care for pain in the ass? who always takes care of filling the jug? .. . I was secretary fucked by cataplines, Riveter trigger !!... But that was not planed Palomeque the blackmail that was the subject: The spark was the new assistant Dean, that bomb minifaldera by the name of Miss Florinda , and that they had sucked the brains of both. When early Wednesday saw the clerk taking the pencil tip to Miss Florinda Tarumba turned by jealousy and gave him low on the ladder putting a clip poisoned by the ear, then, to mislead, hit a blunderbuss in ...

At that time the deceased secretary Palomeque is shaking up the carpet lint pants and faced the inspector.

˗ But drivel are you saying! Bermúdez manager is a model officer, honor and glory of this service, honesty personified! What happens is that this new office of the judiciary is a canard, and I said to hell with everything! ... and I flew the top of his head. And what nonsense is that of the Star Wars? Where to put Strak Trek to remove that crap ... by the way, do you have something right ... Miss Florinda is like cheese.

And after saying this, she turned to knock on the peach carpet.

˗ From the beginning I suspected that the secretary Palomeque was the murderer! ˗ triumphantly exclaimed the Inspector ˗ knew it was a proud and giving a bit of spool end up confessing ... and so it proved. Another great success of Valdemar inspector Pomeroy! ... Rosendo, left free to Peláez ... Bermudez say ... or as is called gaznápiro this; stop and instruct the body of their rights and then takes it to court Guard ... is still called that? ... as the above, head to the duty court to undergo a trial will ipso facto of those ... they stiffen.



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